Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WWJD with the internet

Here I go, typing away at my computer again. Spence and TJ are over here putting in their "band time." There was once a day (before the days of internet) when rock stars just played gigs and signed with big labels. Those days are no more. Now, its all about indie bands putting in their quality connect time and keeping up to date with blogs on myspace. Although we are on a major label, the way we run ourselves is more like and indie band. We're here, putting in our time together...doing more than just playing gigs but trying to connect in ways that matter.

In some ways, its kind of fun to be forced to operate in the internet world we live in. Doing this blog has been a pleasure. Sometimes I have no idea what to say, but for the most part its so good for me to have something that connects my music with real people. And although the concerts do that the most, its the internet that everyone has their whole head buried in. What an opportunity it is.

I wonder what would Jesus do with the internet. Would he have a blog? What would he be saying in his blog? Imagine how fast and widespread his message would have reached if he were doing it all on the internet instead of wearing his sandals out from town to town. I'd bet he would do some sweet "you tube" videos with random life lessons. Millions would be clicking on his videos. If he lived in San Diego like me, he'd probably surf and talk the surf lingo. "bro" this. "dude" that. "gnarly" this. "sick" that. Then he would talk about riding waves and use it as some metaphor of what its like to catch on to the the Father's love and how live isn't the same with out it. Pretty gnarly bro.

Well, fortunately for all the people in the last 2 millennium, he came to Jerusalem two thousand years ago instead of San Diego 2008. So what can I do but trust that His heart and purpose lives on here and now. Meanwhile, we'll keep blogging about random things and pray that His spirit use whatever digital networking we got going on.

An internet blessing to you today my cyber-friends...


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Josh said...

You guys are "sick!" I love you! Thank you for the spending the time to write down your thoughts. I hope to check your blog often.
God bless,