Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks, my new blog friends

Sorry that its not been too much of a blogging week. The ironic thing about it is that when I take a few days off to rest (which is what i wrote about in the last blog) I also tend to find myself more swamped when i get back.

I wanted to take the opportunity though to say thanks to those who have been reading (as this is a new thing for me). I consider it an honor that you would see my random daily thoughts of value to your day. I also wanted to thank so many of you for the encouragement and the emails. All of your words have put an extra kick in my steps towards writing every day.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to SHARE your thoughts on the comments on myspace or blogger. I know privacy is kind of nice, and I totally respect that. Its just that so many words were said that I really wanted others to see. Especially the feedback I got from the blog that talked about being and orphan (may 3rd blog). So many of you resonated with that. I'm sure there is much more to come on that subject. Incidentally, your comments really affect all of us, and provide insight. I feel I often have little to offer but my honest and vulnerable thoughts. Beyond that, I can claim I know VERY little for certain. Your insights to life and observance of me the little guiney pig are valued.

I went to an art show tonight. My wife attends an art school, and her friend was doing a showing. I was inspired by her honesty. I related to the spilling of her guts in hear creativity. A whole series of pen and ink drawings was done out of the emotional heartache of a broken relationship. Its incredible what kind of therapy art can be. It makes me step back and wonder what kind of creatures God created when He made us. How and why is it we can't just pick up and move on when we are hurt? Instead, we have to do long, laborious, and drawn out things like create entire art exhibits or albums as a result. I can relate to that. Most of Twilight is a reeling from my loss brokenness.

I'm thankful for those like my wife's friend who will brave the waters of vulnerability in the art world. Somehow, it just seems to be the natural eden-state that we came from. Creating because we need to. Not out of success or popularity but because our guts must spill. They will either spill in self-destructive ways or spill in ways that SHOW our feelings of destruction constructively. Pen strokes of pain. Dissonant cries from the chorus in our songs. These are our primal voices weeping to be met and loved and cherished by something, by someone.

To the brokenhearted and longing...may God's peace fall on you tonight.

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Josh said...

Thank you Eric! Your blog continues to be an inspiration to me. I resonate deeply with your view on art and reacting to pain. We can either react in a harmful which many do and I'm sure I have done or we can express it through art. I believe the second way is God's gift to us. As I read the Psalms I see that so much of it is therapy (at least it is for me.)