Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recording Drummer Boy/ Protecting What We Love

Recording goes on with some fun Drummer Boy drum sessions for the Christmas album. Some people are asking about the progress on Future of Forestry’s second album though. Yes, it is still in the working…but unfortunately giving way to the “tyranny of the urgent” with a few things. Firstly, I’m working hard on the Christmas albums since its always nice to listen to Christmas music by December rather than February. Secondly, right after our Drummer Boy sessions, I started packing up the studio to move. Although I’m excited about moving to the new place, I’m getting very tired of moving. Renting a place for living and studio recording is not the most ideal thing. Anyone want to buy me a property with a house and a separate guesthouse?

This is a season of great change. It has come with its challenges, but in the end it continues to help me face what is important. I was talking to my wife this morning and telling her how its hard to adjust to my shifting career. Instead of just doing Future of Forestry, I am trying to balance the music producing/mixing I’m doing for other artists. In talking about it, she reminded me how important this time is not to forget or underestimate what is happening with my music and song-writing right now. Something I have to protect.

We have to protect the things we love. We have to protect art. Not because all the gangs are trying to break into my house to “tag” all the paintings with spray-paint. But its always “the tyranny of urgent” in tough times isn’t it? Art doesn’t SEEM essential when bills need to get paid and tax forms need to be sent. We have to protect what we love. And if we love art, we need to protect it from being the last thing to get fed. That doesn’t just go for those who are MAKING the art, but for those who are APPRECIATING it as well. I’m so thankful for a gentle reminder to value what is inside of me. To make sure it has a priority and that I am living my life with a readiness to keep that as a huge part of who I am.

I am grateful and very lucky to be allowed to make music in this life. And it’s a dream come true that I get the opportunity to produce other artists as well as work on my own music. I am grateful for those who love me like my wife who will be eager to remind me not to forget what I love. As life is always shifting us around to do different things in each season, I simply want to be true to whatever God gives me each day and each moment . Today, in all of its glory, my task is to put all the contents of my house into brown boxes. For that I am grateful.

See you at the next house...

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