Saturday, October 18, 2008


I’m back! From my blogging hiatus over the last few weeks. I was out of town visiting fam in Colorado. Then went to Simi Valley to watch my baby sister get married. And when I got home I’ve been slammed with the studio recording of the Future of Forestry Christmas songs.

I also added to the list a random songwriting and demoing session with Ken Andrews (he produced twilight) and his wife Charlotte Martin (a fantastic solo artist). They had asked me to be a part of writing for Josh Grobin’s new album. Charlotte is good friends/co-workers with one of the people that filters the songs that get passed to Josh Grobin when he is ready to work on his new album. The song turned out really well. Ken and Charlotte had told me Grobin was wanting to head into more of a “cool” direction (more of a Coldplay thing) so my efforts were to stay away from the operatic/theatrical and just write more of something that I would actually like to sing. Yes, he is not exactly in my genre of music. After singing the demo, I had some respect for singers in that genre. And writing a song for him would be huge. Cross your fingers, or better yet, pray that the peeps that work for Grobing would be stoked and that the song gets to him.

I’ve got a LOT of studio updates for ya’ll. I’ll be posting that soon. I just wanted to break the silence and say, “Wassup!” We’ll be putting a lot of footage and pics up to get everyone pumped up about the Christmas EP. I PROMISED it would come out this year didn’t I? Yes, I do try to be a man of my word. I’ll be mixing next week!


"Nick" said...

um... I think it's Groban, not Grobin.

Cool though! Hoping it will all work out...

spinacci said...

whohooo! can't wait for the Christmas album!