Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Don't forget to clear an hour of your day to join us worldwide on the web. Either go to our site at http://foftv.blogspot.com/ OR if you want to directly interact with us, go to www.ustream.tv

We'll be hanging out casually, doing acoustic versions of the Christmas EP and answering any random questions from whoever asks. It should be a lot fun!

1) Either get headphones ready or plug your computer system into a good sound system. You won't hear Ben's bass if you are listening from your computer speakers.

2) Bring hot chocolate and marshamellows.

3) Leave the windows and doors open so the house gets super cold. then you can wear a down jacket with hat and mittens and look all Christmassy. Seeing your breath will impress your friends.

4) Tell all your friends about the broadcast and our new CD. If you haven't already, get familiar with the songs by downloading our album at our future of forestry store

See you tonight!


Kristen said...

will the christmas EP eventually come out on itunes too?

Stephen S said...

hey is it possible to get any type of Chord charts for the Christmas songs. I love them and would like to add a song or two, to our Christmas eve service. thanks. if so you can e-mail to silhouetteofyou at hotmail dot com