Monday, January 5, 2009

For the Asking

(A picture I took in Amsterdam a few weeks ago)
This morning I've had Simon and Garfunkle's "Song for the Asking" running through my head. It started with a conversation I've been having with my wife. For some reason, she's been reminding me to ask. To ask God for the things I desire.

It seems like a simple task, but I admit I don't do it very least with God. I'm good at asking other people for things. Not because I'm some leech or something. But the band has evolved into an entity that has attracted all sorts of talents. I have found myself "asking" people to help out in many, many different capacities. Contrary to popular belief, the band does not roll in money. So to get things done at a high level of excellence and art, most of "us" are doing so because we simply love contributing. I've learned to ask. I'm always telling people about some new idea or project going on with the band. "hey, wanna help?" Being in this place has been a gratifying stage of my career. I feel so grateful to be working in an environment where the art that inspires people to action. It is a heart behind the music. It is not money, but passion…a commodity that cannot be stolen or run out because of economics.

This has come some gradually and naturally through doing the music of Future of Forestry. But “working” with God in this matter is not so easy for me. I think its easy for me to feel like I am not supposed to ask God for things unless its within some religious permission. “God, help me not to be tempted in such and such way” or “God, break me, humble, me, etc.” Yet, to ask like a child asks for a snack or a treat is another story. Why is this so hard for me? Is the Bible not filled with entreaties to ask like a child? Are the psalms not filled with requests?

I know there have been times in my life where I felt free to ask. Years ago, when the band was Something Like Silas, I prayed for a list of things. Among those were, a sound system to tour with, a van and trailer, and the best record label out there. Within months those things just plopped themselves on my lap. The pursuing was not up to me. Just the asking.

It is time to ask. It is time to indulge in the Father/son pleasure of child-like asking. “Father, this is what is on my heart, this is what I want this year. Lets sit together and talk about the dreams of my heart…”


The Chau Family said...

Dear brother, I love to hear your thoughts. I think I myself often neglect to ask God b/c my view of Him is way too small. Mom too is one of my greatest encouragements when it comes to prayer - if only I can follow in her footsteps.

carson leith said...

dear eric,

thanks for this post man. it has really helped me out in a current college choice situation. i saw your show you did at Saddleback on New Years htis year. It was awesome!

-Carson Leith

LaPierre said...


what an awesome post my brother! that's the second one in a row I've read of yours today that have sparked inspiration. haha, thanks so much for this reminder that our God graciously gives to His children, those who pursue the things of His heart.

ok, sorry about the rant haha thanks again!

I'll lift you up in prayer,


"JD Weasel" said...

I need to tell you that I just found you guys out and I have really enjoyed listening to your music. It has been a while since I have been really excited about a Christian band as much as I am about FOF. Thank you for using your talents for the Lord.


Anonymous said...

I've been experiencing the same situation lately. I have been striving to do things on my own or with help from other people a lot and don't really think to ask God for help. It is encouraging to know that someone experiences the same stuff and that as brothers in Christ we can support each other and hold each other accountable.

Anonymous said...

We met some time ago at a concert in Portland, Oregon. I wanted you to know that I would love to help if you have needs with a website or design. Everything that I have seen that you guys have posted online is very sharp, so I'm not sure that you do, but my wife and I started a design firm 10 months ago and we've always had your ministry on our hearts. If we're able to help we'd love to.

Thank you for the Christmas EP ... really, really great. It's been a staple in my music library ever since I got an MP3 player as an early Christmas present. I plug it in and listen to it in the car.

We just moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado so our schedule is a little bit funny, but we'll help if we can and if you need anything.

Our website is and my email is joshua @

God bless you guys and have a great day!

Kimberly Sink said...

I'd like to echo Josh's comment above...FOF's sound is creative; the lyrics fresh and inventive. I've been passing some of my favorite tracks off "Twilight" around to my friends and family, trying to get the word out about your ministry. I'm not a huge fan of christian music, usually because it sounds all the same, but you guys are proving me wrong!

Thanks for the great drum line on "Open Wide", the inspiring blog, and for being unafraid to proclaim God's greatness in no uncertain terms.

Kimberly Sink