Friday, February 13, 2009

Back in San Diego - What's next?

Its a Friday morning. Had a great breakfast with my friend Pete Kipley at a beach cafe just down the street. And i'm just working on the "what's next" for my life.

Today, that means another demo for Josh Groban. He really liked the first song that Charlotte Martin and I wrote for him, so we wrote another one. Logan's gonna come over and drop some drum traks for it too.

Tomorrow and the "future" of Future of Forestry, means mostly studio. We are not gigging for the next few months except for one random show with Delirious at the House of Blues in Annehiem on March 18th. I'll announce that and be selling tickets for it soon.

But most of Feb through April, it is stepping back and focusing on the music. Pray for a flood of inspiration and favor going into the next few weeks of recording!

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