Friday, February 20, 2009

Guitar Prejudice

I spent an entire day working on ONE GUITAR TRACK! A pretty important one though, so it wasn't uncalled for. a finger picking clean electric guitar part that fills out the whole song.

a funny story came out of it though. i was trying to get this sweet Jeff Buckley clean shiney guitar tone with a smooth reverb. on my demo's (scratch recordings that i usually re-record all the tracks too) i achieved this super sweet tone. but when i was trying to re-record it, i couldn't get it. i assumed it was the Fender Telecastor guitar that is usually the "cool" jeff buckley guitar. but after about 2 hours of trying to get the tone, i decided to go against my knowledge and try a Taylor Electric guitar. I was shocked to find that it was the Taylor that was delivering the sweet-ness on the demo, and i was suddenly playing the jeff buckley tone that i was searching for.

i find it pleasant to be confronted with my prejudices. even when its simply a guitar brand. that taylor electric guitar has proven itself over and over again. yet because it doesn't have the old 50 year history that fender has (covering thousands of hit records), i tend to ignore my ears and simply gravitate towards what is "supposed" to be good. if i had just stopped to try other guitars out first, i probably would have saved a few hours.

so props to Taylor for their new guitars and sponsorship. and props to the advocates of a non-prejudice approach to life and music. getting rid of the "cool" and using our ears instead.

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LaPierre said...

omg wow me and my bro were just talking about this;

we were chatting about acoustics and about how we didn't like certain brands; I simply questioned myself as to why and realized that it was just a prejudice.

and I can see how this applies to other aspects of my life where I value brand over quality in more than just material things.

I think it is a result of this media based society we live in.

anyways great post! I want to check out those new taylor electrics; they look awesome remind me of gretsch