Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3rd Song Released - Travel Recording Instruments Part 1

Listen to our 3rd new song today at 7pm (pst) on myspace today called "Set Your Sails." Its our funnest happiest song on the album. Especially the drunken pirate guitar solo (or clash and burn) in the middle section. Lots of fun. This photo is the huge bass drum that comes in on the chorus. Massive drum played in a massive reverberant sanctuary.

This weeks video and blog we're sharing some info on the drums that are the driving force of Travel II. Since Travel I was pretty atmospheric (coming from the idea of "flight"), I decided the next album should feel BIG. With the idea centering around a huge ship from around late 1800's or early 1900's, i thought of a very big pounding sound. Hence, drums like the Japanese Taiko Drum that on a whim i just bought over the internet and had mailed to my house from San Fransico. The drum had a huge part in creating or writing the songs on its own. A lot of the songs were simply based off of its feel, especially the woody sound of its rims.

TJ became the star of the show for all the drums and rythm stuff. Most of the actual recording of the album was a dual effort in the studio part. He was usually tracking while i was tweaking, listening, and directing. It was the utmost best studio experience i've had with anyone before. Thanks TJ, for being incredibly talented and incredibly fun to work with!

The creative process brought us to a lot of new things. We started a lot of the drums in "the cabin" which was filled with drums everywhere. But we quickly moved to the hume lake studio where the room filled up once again with more than we could handle. we had some funny moments of trying to be organized to no avail. we started by having a specific place for everything, a place for the drums, a place for the mic stands, an order with the mic calbes. good idea right? but in the end, it turned into a forest of mic stands, drums, and tangled cables. it was actually really infuriating to try to get from one drum to another by the end of the day because it meant your shirt getting snagged on something while you are tripping over 4 different cables. it was a great example of how creative process throws a lot of order and intentions out the window.

Don't miss next Tuesday song release on myspace.com/futureofforestry at 7pm. We're going to feature some of the most insane rhythms we've ever recorded before. See you then.

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jenavie said...

Hay Eric! Its jena from a long time ago FOF groupie. lol. miss seeing you guys play... i moved to hawaii. Those drums are sick, i can't waittttt to hear it next Tuesday !! you write amazing inspiring music !! take care friend ~*Blessings*~