Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pre-order this week - GET FREE EP WITH T SHIRT ORDER!

The new Travel II EP's just arrived in the mail! We are doing an EXCLUSIVE pre-sale from our online store so all you guys can get it before the official sept 8th release. Just click on the item "Travel II + shirt + FOF ep" option. Get it now while the sale lasts. If you already have the self-titled EP, then give it to a friend!

I'm so excited for you guys to have this EP after putting so much work into. My did an original painting for the cover art. Not only is the music in it original FOF material, but even the photos were staged and shot by myself in San Diego. This is something I've invested my whole heart into for the last few months of my life and want you to have it in your hands in a few days. Thanks for supporting and enjoying the music!

Listen to our newest song "Slow Your Breath Down" and watch our latest video! IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA OR ARIZONA, COME TO OUR CD RELEASE SHOWS!


Hannah said...

"My did an original painting for the cover art."

oops. i think there's a missing word there. i think it should be "wife"?

Hannah said...

i think she did a great job, btw :)