Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Travel II is out!

Well... after lots and lots of hard work and toil... Travel II has finally flown the coup and is ready to hit your ears, cd players, ipods, and laser disk machines!

Get it over at our store: futureofforestry.com/store.

It is safe to say that we've never had such a grueling but enjoyable time in the studio creating. Now that the CDs have arrived, it feels good to hold a copy in hand and think of all the crazy stuff that went into it.

We really hope you like it, and that it brings some joy to your life.

If you dig Travel II, tell your friends to check it out, and help us get word out by rating and writing reviews on places like amazon or iTunes.

Again, thanks for listening and supporting us!

-Future of Forestry


Ben said...

Hey FoF,
this is Ben from Germany. Received your T II CD today and what can I say - You made my day and won a fan. Very inspiring and uplifting music, makes me smile all day.

PS: Imediately ordered the first traveller cd ;D

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