Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new DVD is out and our Christmas sale is online!

Its here! The live DVD concert/documentary called "Solstice - Future of Forestry's Advent Journey" is online now at our new DVD website. You can download a digital version in small, medium, large formats AND you can order the DVD to mailed to you before Thanksgiving!

The DVD is a 2hr feature 3 sections:

1-CONCERT(37min) The Live Christmas Show
2-SOLSTICE(53min) Behind-the-scenes Christmas Tour Documentary
3-TRAVEL(29min) The making of the Travel EPs, including clips of unreleased music

We have a huge new sale at our store with our Advent Christmas EP too. If you order now, it will get there before Thanksgiving!

Thanks for your support guys...see you at our concerts for the Christmas tour in a few weeks. Tell your friends about the DVD release, thanks!

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