Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FOF - News for 2013

Hey Everyone!

We hope that this new year has kicked off to a good start! To all who came out
to see Future of Forestry live in the 2012 Young Man Follow tour and our 2012
Advent Tour, it was great to see you at the concerts. We hope that you had as
much fun at the shows as we did! The year ahead holds many plans for us in
new music and creative sonic ventures.

A new full length Future of Forestry album is being written and on the horizon
this year! Stay tuned for further news on a release date. In addition to starting
another Future of Forestry album, Eric will be working on a few additional
projects and albums. Some surprises on what they will be, and lots of new music
is coming your way!

Yes, this means Future of Forestry will not be on the road and will be solely working in the studio all year. Recording and mixing will be top priority this year. On a side note, this will be the first Christmas in 8 years in that Eric will get to spend with his family rather than on tour!

Check out Future of Forestry's Soundswan's website ( Under Eric Owyoung's studio, bands can now submit their projects to be mixed by Eric Owyoung under the Soundswan studio title. Check it out!

Thanks so much for being such devout fans of Future of Forestry and for joining in FOF’s creative endeavors. We're so grateful to be able to create the music that we do, and it's all because of your constant support. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Best Regards,
Eric (Future of Forestry)


Jason said...

Gonna miss the advent tour this year but I hope you have a great time with your family. I pray that God blesses this new album and uses it to bring people closer to him.

Matt said...

Incredibly stoked about some new FOF music, and excited to see/hear what else is up your sleeve for 2013! Glad that creativity is flowing, my Young Man Follow, Travel, and Twilight cds are still in heavy rotation!

coffee_addict said...

Love your music! Keep up the good work! =)

Moses Y. Mikheyev said...

Hey Eric,
I'm Moses of the Brother Monk. Good to hear that you are working on a new album! I'm stoked! Love all the FOF albums to date. Will pre-order it when available. I hope that you can check out some of my own music at
Warm regards,

Ian Gilligan said...

Just do one advent show in San Diego.