Friday, April 18, 2008

The song I finished yesterday

I finished writing a song yesterday. This is the guitar I used to write it with. Its actually not mine. My producer friend Pete Kipley just moved here and lives down the street now. He let me borrow the guitar for awhile cause I fell in love with it. It's a locally made guitar (san diego) called A. Davis, and it is worth a butt-load of money. I thanked Pete by scratching the guitar the other day when my humungous SE electronics Gemini mic came towering down and fell straight on the guitar. And though I was bummed I was also thankful that it was Pete cause he's a super cool guy.

Anyway, the song I wrote is a mellow one. The gist of it comes from the phrase in the Chorus "Close your eyes this time." The idea represent trust. Closing your eyes and letting something or someone guide you.

Yesterday, as i was writing, i was in a bit of a funk. Actually, that hasn't been uncommon for me these days. Ever get in a funk because you're just waiting for change? But no matter how hard you try to change things (clean the house, put on a different outfit, eat something you normally wouldn't) it doesn't seem to really change anything? That's where I I added these lyrics, "The house sits stale/And lets you roam/Inside it just don’t feel like home now."

I spend a lot of hours at home, working on band stuff, working on recordings, writing songs. Sometimes, things feel stale here. Not like home. I guess home is where the heart is right?

Thankfully, I finished the song with a bridge about the concept of being a son. For me, I am speaking of being an adopted son. For Jesus, it means being the first-born Son. And for the both of us (Jesus and I) it means exploring a relationship of understanding as sons. A deeper concept that I will need more time to explore in future blogs.

Till next time...

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