Sunday, April 20, 2008

FOF gets ticket (PLUS: trailer advice for bands)

Got another dang parking ticket! To those who live in the East coast or Iceland or something and think that FOF is the hugest band out there and tours in a pimped out tour bus, this picture is a bit more of reality. Our gray Ford Econoline 15 passenger van and Wells Fargo trailer with ticket. Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, I have a panic attack as I am awaken by the sound of the street sweeper at 9am (I know that's not early for normal people, but it is for musicians). What is worse though is the guy or lady preceeding the street sweeper with a ticket book in hand who threatens to take the well-being and first born children of anyone neglecting to abide by the "no parking 9 to 1 every 1st and 3rd Friday." I've even run out there while she was writing up the ticket and she wouldn't let me off if I moved it. First of all, I am usually too dumb to figure out the 1st and 3rd Friday. But even if I do, I'm usually apt to forgetting to do it the night before. I think I have nightmares in the form of street-sweeper sounds. If i ever write a horror film score, I'll be sure to put street sweepers in the background.

If you are in a band and have a trailer, a few words of advice on keeping your tow from eventually getting jacked up. I learned the hard way.

1) Grease the axles - about every time you get an oil change, grease the axles. You will need to go to an auto parts store and get a little axle greasing gun (kind of like a caulking gun) and a few bottles of axle grease. Pump that axle full of grease or else your axle will certainly burn out and you will be late for your debut opening for Coldplay.

2) Grease your balls - ok seriously this is no joke. You need to put grease on the trailer ball that the hitch sits on. If you don't, the metal will start to get ground up and you will have to buy a new one. Its super easy with a white lithium spray lube. DON'T USE WD-40.

3) Grease the crank - same thing with the crank. you can spray it on the whole bar when the crank is down. if you don't, it can rust and get stuck.

We've been in some BAD situations before with trailer axles smoking and on fire. Then of course, we're stranded out in the middle of nowhere. If can save someone else that trouble by passing this on, sweet!

That's it for today. Sorry nothing deep to say. All of that stuff is just swimming somewhere in a place that I'm not accessing today.


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