Monday, April 21, 2008

Day Off

Today is a day off. As normal people think of mondays as this dreaded day of the week, i often think of monday as rest and freedom. It is a time to breathe, a time to think. Most importantly, a time to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee. This pic is my coveted morning coffee. I take it pretty dark, usually a bolder roast. I like it to sting me a little bit. A decent amount of cream is good with it, organic. Why organic? Because all the hormones they put in those cows goes straight into the milk. With the amount of cream I use, pumping my system with cow hormones, i am afraid of growing breasts. Or maybe my voice sounding like a soprano opera singer. So paying twice as much for the organic in this case lets me enjoy every sip.

Days off could mean a lot of things. I would say that summarizing the day is "a day of searching." I might be searching for God, searching to find my identity, searching for a way to rest, searching for a cure to my worries, or maybe just searching for fun. Its probably a combination of all of those. How that actually plays out is the question. Sometimes i succeed in my quest. Other times, i end up getting caught up in the same worries that i am in the other work days of my life, and all i can do is hope that the next day off i will do better.

I'm doing pretty good so far (thanks for the applause). I woke up and went surfing. I was a bit late for the waves though. By the time I paddled out, they got all messy and crumbly. I can't say i surfed but more paddled in circles and got hit by a few bigger sets. But regardless of my success in the actual wave riding arena, I did get some great exercise, and i got my blood flowing.

So here I am, enjoying the presence of my wife, my cup of coffee, and this wonderful sense of "What will today be?" There is excitement in that because i have hope that God will lead me into some discoveries concerning the many questions i have in life. There is space in a day off that allows for something special to be found. The tyranny of the urgent does not control the day. In the realm of productiveness, this may be the most important day of my week. This is where I might possibly be at my best. For I am finding that when my heart begins to rest, to trust, to be most like a child, then I become so much more of who God really made me to be.

Cheers to the calm after the storm.


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