Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TJ plays the saw

T.J. Hill has been playing with Future of Forestry for the last few gigs. This past weekend was his debut of playing the saw. I know you can barely see him because of the lighting, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to post the picture because it was his debut of the instrument in a live setting. He played it on "Christ the Solid Rock," our mysterious and ambient version of the song. TJ has been a great asset to the band lately with contributions like this. We'll post more soon on how he actually plays it.

I missed journaling yesterday. It was funny because my dad saw that I called this "Eric's DAILY fof Blog." He was a bit worried because when you call it daily in his world, then YOU MEAN DAILY. To me, a daily blog means, bloggins somewhat frequently so that people like you can usually find a new entry throughout the week. But to my dad, it REALLY means daily. That is something that my dad has always shown me...integrity. You never have to wonder with him. He says what he means, he means what he says. There is a sense of commitment in everything he does. There is a sense of justice and morality in everything. Especially with the little things that the rest of the world excuses such as pirating mp3's or software programs. He is a man who is about what is truth, what is right, and what is honorable.

It makes me wonder what makes a person that way. I know lots of Christians, and many of them exhibit varying degrees of integrity. Some, like my dad, simply live and breathe that way. Others I've known to have varying degrees of this strange inconsistency. There is this division within them.

I once heard someone describe the word integrity as “being one with yourself.” Like a building that has structural integrity. It is not fractured within. Its internal structure or integrity is as one.

That is the kind of life I want to live. One in which the deepest parts of my body, soul, and mind are united. The things that I say, do, and think are as one. I think that one of God’s main works in our lives is to bring us to this kind of wholeness.

God, I pray that you would give me a listening heart today. One that sees You as You are and me as I am. And that through the revealing of those two things, that the fractured parts of my life would become mended. That the worries of my life would align with the true faith and trust I have in You. And that my love and affection for You would be the joy that fills me and motivates me in who I am and what I do in this day.


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