Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life is Unpredictable

We’re on the road for our short West Coast tour this summer. This pic is from my trusty little web cam on my MacBook. This is live in the FOF van. 2 bucket seats, 2 bench seats, and a bed in the back (TJ is catching sweet Z’s in the back).


Things are a bit crazy before leaving. The morning before we left, I got a call from my landlord telling me that we had to move out because of a foreclosure issue with the landlords property (we do not own the house). For those of you who are new to this blog, you might not realize what this means. My wife and I moved our entire house and recording studio to a new place just 2 months ago. The last 2 months have been purely focused on getting the studio setup and configured. The idea of picking up and moving was indescribable to say the least.

After sitting in the thought for a few hours, the landlord calls us back and tells us the bank reconsidered the foreclosure and that we MAY not have to move out. So the 30 day notice turned into a tentative rent.

My wife and I felt like the day was quite a hurricane. Added on to that, we had to say good-bye for 2 weeks while I’m on tour and she stays home for her art school classes. Not a very happy good-bye.


I keep hoping that life will slow down and stabilize. I want it to be more predictable, more dependable. I’m starting to digest the fact that it may NEVER be that way. We can spend our existence trying to protect ourselves, trying to manage our lives into a controlled safe environment. But ultimately, we are not in control. LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE. It will come with great gains and great losses.

I stepped back a little. And began to feel significance of the “love” in my life. My beautiful wife. The faithfulness I have in my Heavenly Father. The steadfastness of my family who continues to love and support me. These are the few things we have and hold to.

I’m compelled to release the lyrics of a song that will be on the next album:

If you travel here, you will feel it all, the brightest and the darkest.
If you travel here, listen to your heart, and take with you what lasts forever

These words continue to ring true in this season. Every time I begin to hold on to something temporal, I am reminded how fragile it is. We will travel the face of this earth experiencing the unpredictable and volatile changes of joy and sorrow. Hold on to what will last my friends. What really matters will always matter.

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leslie said...

Eric, I am so glad that you have a blog, I do as well but I am not on it much... but I plan on reading yours! (hopefully you kind of sort of remember me.. Leslie, Cassey's sister.) I was at your show tonight and it was awesome, I'm really glad I went and I had a lot of fun, you guys are great. I'll be pround to wear your shirt hah :) I hope everything's going great! Have a lovely day/night!