Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weather and Moodyness - Fight at LEGOLAND

Spencer and I continuing our drum recording sessions. But took a short break this week...

I surfed this morning and was depressed by late morning but couldn't figure out why. Then i realized i was living my day out in a gray, hazy, drizzle that kinda depresses me. Does weather affect you emotionally?

I lived in Seattle for a few years where it rains 9 months of the year. I wouldn't even call it rain though. More like dribble. So it dribbles every day until one random summer day, the clouds decide to go with grace instead of justice by taking a break, and this big thing called the sun comes out. At this point all these desperate pale white bodies comes out to lay on small patches of grass found in front of concrete buildings and on street medians. Believe me, this is not the kind of California bikini experience that you see on the OC. Back then when I lived there, I thought (or pretended) that the weather didn't affect me. But now that I have recovered from my state of weather-effected denial, I am proud to say that I LOVE SUNSHINE, and that the lack of it makes me sad.

I took my "half-brother-and-sister-in-law" to LEGOLAND here in North County San Diego. Amidst the normal things like long lines, frozen lemonade stands, and souvenir shops, a fight broke out between 2 women in their late 40’s. They may have been younger, but I’m open to the possibility that their history of fist-fights has aged their faces 4 or 5 years give or take. At any rate, it all started in the line for a ride when one of the ladies lied about their kid being 6 when he was actually 5. None of us in line really cared, because when you go to LEGOLAND, you typically root for the kid. Duh. This other particular lady though (with her waaaaay old 6 year-old-kid) ratted on the lying lady with the 5 year-old kid by telling the guy who runs the ride. Of course the guy who gets paid minimum wage couldn’t care less. Next thing I know though, the ladies are seriously slapping each other (no, not the cute flirtatious kind) and kicking each other in front of all of us. Lady #1’s kick flew up between lady #2’s legs. And in a genius martial arts move, lady #2 shut her legs tight and trapped the other ladies foot in between them! We’re talking some serious middle-aged mom Jackie Chan moves here. At this point, she should have done the Master Chi finger tap heart freeze move. Instead, the ladies just hobbled for a second, grabbed their kids and left pouting.

The moral of this story? Always keep your legs closed when being kicked.


sunken dot anchor said...


What's up, Eric?

Oh, and overcast damp weather is my favorite. Not sure why, but it's always been that way.


joseph said...

i think it sounds like something we may have in common: seasonal affective disorder. wiki it and see what you think. and thanks for the 6th rule of Fight Club, yo.