Monday, July 14, 2008

Drum Tracking Pics

We’ve got our first 4 songs of drums cut this week. Having a great time and really enjoying the process and successes of music making. It’s a bit of a roller-coaste…this album. One minute we feel like we’re making the best sounds ever recorded. And another minute it feels like we just plain suck. I think that is the emotional side of being a musician that is kicking in. I am very sensitive to how things sound. It can make a great day or a horrible day.

Anyway, there has been some key elements to some super exciting drum sessions:

BORROWING GEAR - This is Spencer on the phone with some other drummer. We gathered a lot of “crap” (they call it sh**t in the industry) to get things going. Tons of cymbals, 8 snares, hi-hats, etc. It pays to be friends with other musicians cause you can borrow their stuff all the time. We used a different snare on every song.

ISTANBUL – Turkey makes Istanbul Cymbals that sound incredible. A sound we have fallen in love with is the buttery wash of huge cymbals to cover the songs in a brilliant shining blanket of bliss. We’ve been overdubbing them on top of the original drum tracks to make it even more washy.

THE RIGHT PARTS - We’re slaving over the notes to make sure each hit is completely right for the song and where it is going. Its taking us a good 5 hours at least per song (not including setup). This pic is Spence and I working out some parts.

Will be back with more gear stuff. Just wanted to do a little visual blog to let you into the recording process. Among other things, just gearing up to do a short tour of the West coast from San Diego to Seattle. Are you coming? If you’re on the west coast, please check our dates on myspace and come to our show. Later.


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stever said...

hi eric and spencer and FOF!
i just discovered your blog here and thanks for a great post!

i am excited about your upcoming show in palos verdes since that's near my hometown, though i live in SD now.

PS- you've inspired me to get a mini xylophone to experiment with- thanks!