Thursday, August 14, 2008

Recording Mandolin/Looking for Home

TJ came into the studio today and tracked some mandolin for the new recordings. Sorry to say to all our hardcore mandolin fans out there (which may be in the millions), but the next album will not be a mandolin orchestra or anything of the sort. Just a few tracks here and there to add some sweet textures.

We ended up doing pretty simple mic stuff. Sometimes an SM57 was great, other times a higher definition condenser would be better. What made a big difference in fitting in the mix was using different pics to get more or less attack. I have about 20 different picks and thicknesses to pick from that really change the sound of the picking.

Sometimes seasons just feel like the drab drizzle I used to jog in when I was going to college in Seattle. It is not the downpour of a storm. It is not a drastic crises or some horrible nightmare. Just a slow drizzle of sadness and loneliness. TJ and Tam and I talked about this season of life. With all the challenges we’ve faced we have felt this strange sadness filled with hope. I guess we are living proof that hope can last when happiness may be temporarily out of service.

I have less than 2 weeks now to move out of this house and studio and still have nowhere to go. In my younger years of college and coming out of college, the idea of home was not very important. It was a time when I was pursuing a career, and the world with all of its nooks and crannies to explore seemed endless. Who needs a home when you are on a safari? But as I have found the “loves” of my life, my wife, my career in music, and my place in God’s family, I have realized the value of a place to lie your head. Something familiar, something stable.

I can’t pretend that the yearning for a stable home isn’t linked to the fact that life in these last few years has been rough. More changes than I could have imagined. It has felt like I haven’t had the chance to live but have been spending the time “transitioning.” When we moved into this place, we thought maybe we would finally have a resting place. But 2 months down we find we’re on the road again, the circling transition has not come to a halt. This is not a destination spot. (for the story on why we have to move, read 2 blogs back).

I am so incredibly thankful for my wife through this. And incredibly thankful that even when I can’t see a break in the clouds that there is this undercurrent of hope that doesn’t make sense. It is just there. It is the deep breathing of God, not even heard but just felt.


Josh said...

I'm making it a goal to remember you in my prayers Eric. I sure hope things get better soon.

Katrina Brown said...

hey eric, (this is Jordan Frye's girlfriend) I came to read your blog because Jordan and I have been praying for you and your wife. I must encourage you about breathing. Jordan once quoted someone else and reminded me that God is in each ONE of our breaths. He is our intimate breath. Be encouraged in this simple hope. Where you have been, he was there. Where you are going, he is already there. I don't have answers and I don't even know why I feel so strongly to tell you this. But know you are not fighting or hoping alone, Eric. We are the body of Christ.

Jeremy said...

Eric and FOF family,

I pray that God will bless you with your (untimely) upcoming move. I have moved 4 times in 4 years. Although I didn't have to move a bunch of recording equipment, I know it is not easy.

Just remember that everytime a door closes, God opens a new one where we may not have seen it.

joseph said...

just something i'd learned recently: "ruach," or air in motion, is the hebrew word for breath and spirit. it's used in conjunction with the idea of God's Holy spirit, breath of life (think Adam's creation), and a creative force (think Gen 1:2). hmmm. thanks for sharing, and michelle and i are praying for y'all.