Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoroughly Entertained

I took the day off to spend with my wife, de-toxing from the stress of my life in the rat-race of the music industry. This picture captures well how I feel when I am away from it all and free to be me with my wonderful wife. She shot this photo in the midst of us just playing around at a park in Laguna Beach. This is the me that I am trying to find the rest of the days and hours when it is NOT my day off.

On our day out, we were sitting at an out-door restaurant on the beaches of Laguna when we overheard some customers at the table next to us. They were two adult men, one white guy, and one black guy hanging out for lunch. The white guy starts getting irritated that there is no server, so he gets the attention of a Hispanic bus-boy. Seeing that the bus-boy is Hispanic, the white guys says, “Habla Espanol?” The bus-boy plainly says, “Si.” Apparently though, the extent of the white guys Spanish limited to the phrase “Do you speak Spanish?” So the white guy then proceeds to ask him in English (spoken very slowly and loudly), “uh, WAITER. Can you get us a WAITER?”

The bus-boy understands and immediately leaves to find a waiter. Meanwhile, the friend who is with him this says , “Why the heck do you ask him if he speaks Spanish, then you talk to him in English?”

No comment on this other than that it left me very entertained. God bless America…

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