Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Day for Delirious/Forestry Ticket Sales on FOF store

I'm working like mad in the studio today, but wanted to remind you southern cal people that today is the last day to buy tickets from the Future of Forestry store (after that its ticket master and at the door). If you are going, buy them now! Thanks.
For tickets CLICK HERE


Hannah said...

Delirious rawks, and so does FOF! sorry i can't be there. post pics of the gig!

That1GuyTy said...

Saw you guys at the HOB and was BLOWN away! The show was excellent, and i am now eagerly awaiting Cinco de Mayo!

beyondsociety said...

I agree with That1GuyTy! im also awaiting Cinco de Mayo cuz you guys were awesome! so was Delirious? I'm going to miss them but now I have you guys to listen to and see! lol seriously though. Amazing! when I saw the saw i was like what?? but AMAZING!