Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Announcing the New Album Series “Travel” Starting May 5th

Cinco de Mayo this year is going to be celebrated all over the Spanish speaking world by everyone buying Future of Forestry album. Yes, its true, the album is actually finished and will be released May 5th!

You can download a free song from the album for the next 4 weeks until the album is released. You can also tune in every week and hear a new song that we post on myspace. Tell your friends to get the free song before it expires!

The label (Credential Recordings EMI/CMG) and I have come up with the idea of a series of 3 EP’s:

May 5th 2009 – Travel
Sept 2009 – Travel II
January 2010 – Travel III

So after waiting over 2 years since the Twilight album, this year will be packed with new music every 4 months!

Spread the word! Its nice to get things moving after so many months of recording. If you live on the west coast, please come to one of our show in May. Most of our dates are posted and some are still to come!



Dan Peters said...

Where can I find the download?

That1GuyTy said...

Yeah, I'm with Dan. Where can i find this free download? I'm excited to hear it, but i can't find it...

josh chambers said...

I'm with you both. I'm hunting for the free song to no avail...

Sage Eryin said...

Like I said on the FOF Journal cant find it on the myspace page...so help eric/fof?

Hannah said...

it's here!

josh chambers said...

thanks Hannah!

stever said...

hi eric, thought you might like this.


congrats on the new album!