Thursday, April 16, 2009

2nd New Song Available to hear

Today, the second song of our new albums can now be heard online on our myspace player. It's called "This Hour" an up tempo moving one. Check in next week (wed)for the 3rd one.

You can still download the free song "Traveler's Song" from the album for the next 3 weeks until the album is released. Tell your friends to get the free song before it expires!

PRE-ORDERS coming soon
SOON, we will be posting a link to order the album from us before it comes out! Please buy it from us so that we can make a living off of it instead of the big internet companies!


mooglemaster415 said...

ahhh i really love this song!! im listening to it rit enow on ur myspace =DDD

LOVE the violins!

That1GuyTy said...

I'm so glad you guys are coming to Bakersfield! Saw you at the HOB with Delirious, and you guys were Awesome! Also, the myspace player isn't working...

joseph said...

eric... random blast from the past, and perhaps it's nothing. i noticed whilst looking through the cd liner for "twilight" that there are various formulas or equations faintly on the wide time lapse picture of the four of you. any hints as to what they are? any significance to them?