Thursday, May 7, 2009

On California Tour with Cellist

The new album Travel is finally out and starting to spread! Beginnin this Sunday, we're out on a short tour. DON'T MISS IT! I've got musicians flying and driving in from all over:

TJ Hill (coming from Northern CA) - guitar, harmonium, vibes, theremin, saw, keys
Ben Wurzell (Redlands, CA- Bass, keys, perc
Logan Snell (San Diego) - the 19yr old prodigy drummer
Liz Lee (Austin TX) - (Dr Liz) the PhD cellist

TOUR DATES (see myspace for details)
May 10 San Diego and Victorville, CA
May 11 Bakersfield, CA
May 12 San Diego, CA
May 15 Orange County/LA, CA
May 16 San Diego, CA
May 17 Brentwood, CA
May 18 Livermore, CA
May 19 San Jose, CA

THIS IS THE WEEK TO BUY THE NEW ALBUM! Help us get a first week buzz going by buying the CD on itunes or our store and telling all your friends about it.


Josh said...

I LOVE the album Eric! I love that it still has the beautiful and epic feel of Twilight, but you added a whole new sound to it! It's similar enough so that it feels like FOF, but it's different enough so that we can see the intentional directing the band chose to go! I totally cried during Colors in Array. Thanks Eric!

Kristen said...

I know it's kind of random, but is there anything in particular you guys like/dislike to eat?